Administrative Expense

Administrative Expense,

What is The Meaning of Administrative Expense?

  • The cost of maintaining or running the company's business. Administrative expenses are usually fixed expenses such as rent. For life insurance companies, the cost of getting a medical examination is an administrative burden.

  • Definition of Administrative Expense: Operating costs of life insurance. Cover salaries, medical examinations, building rents, purchases, advertising, printing costs, agency fees and premium taxes. This fee will be included in your payment and will calculate the level of benefit and bonus.

Literal Meanings of Administrative Expense


Synonyms of Administrative

controlling, directorial, regulatory, executive, organizational, management, supervisory, governmental, managerial, directing


Meanings of Expense:
  1. It costs some money to spend on something.

  2. Compensation over tax base (item of expenses)

Sentences of Expense
  1. We order apparel for a high price

Synonyms of Expense

cost, price