Administrative accounting

Administrative accounting,

Definition of Administrative accounting:

  1. Administrative accounting handles and reports internal factors and figures that influence decision making, operational control, and managerial planning. Administrative accounting is often performed by an administrative accountant, who may help a company with internal operational accounting duties like payroll, taxes, and management of company assets. Administrative accounting focuses on management planning and control to accomplish the company's administrative goals.

  2. Administrative accounting, a subset of managerial accounting, involves a formal methodology for gathering, reporting, and evaluating financial data that deals with management planning and control. The reports can help administrators and managers evaluate the day-to-day activities of the operation. .

  3. Internal financial reporting focused on decision making, operational control, and planning.

How to use Administrative accounting in a sentence?

  1. Administrative accountants handle administrative accounting functions, such as payroll and taxes. An administrative accountant may also be the bookkeeper. .
  2. While financial accounting deals with focuses on the entire business, administrative accounting generally focuses on a certain process within the company. .
  3. Administrative accounting is the factors and processes in place to handle managerial planning and operations. .

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