Definition of Adjuster:

  1. An adjuster is an insurance claims agent. A claims adjuster is charged with evaluating an insurance claim to determine the insurance company's liability under the terms of an owner's policy.

  2. There are different types of adjusters. They may represent the insurance company, they may be hired by the claimant (public adjusters) or they may be independent. The two types of claims most frequently investigated are property claims and liability claims.

  3. Individual or firm hired by an insurance firm to determine its liability for loss in a specific claim. Also spelled as adjustor.

Meaning of Adjuster & Adjuster Definition


How To Define Adjuster?

The definition of Adjuster is: The person applying for the insurance. This usually involves a commitment to damage investigation and coverage. In primary insurance (e.g. property insurance), the specialist negotiates a contract with the insured. In Civil Liability Insurance, the specialist coordinates the insurer's defense and participates in settlement negotiations. Adjusting claims can be employed by an insurance company (adjuster) or an independent claims office (independent adjuster) who represents the insurance company and can be a self-insured person under contract. Public Adjustment is a consultant that helps policyholders file claims with insurance companies to maximize their recovery.

Adjuster can be defined as, An expert is a person who works on behalf of an insurance company to review insurance claims. When the insured claims a loss, the appraiser investigates the situation and estimates how much the insurer will have to pay for the loss.

The insurer is the one who investigates the claim to determine how (or if) your insurer will pay for the loss / damage to your property or home.

Services were hired by a general insurer to evaluate and settle claims. These experts are different from public experts who discuss insurance for policyholders and accept partial claims agreements. Independent specialists are independent contractors who handle claims from various insurers.

Adjuster means, The person who investigates and pays the insurer or the insurer's compensation.


Adjuster Definition:

  • Adjuster means, Insurance professionals who study insurance coverage and to determine the facts of a claim that the insurer pays the insured or a third party to the complainant. Also known as a field expert, independent expert or reporter.

  • Adjuster definition is: Individuals who investigate and resolve insurance claims.

  • Adjuster refers to When filing a claim, an insurance representative tries to determine the extent to which the insurance company is liable in the event of a loss.

  • A person who handles claims from an insurer or a self-insurance group who may be an employee of an insurer or an independent contractor nominated by an independent insurer. See also Third Party Administrator (TPA).

  • A simple definition of Adjuster is: The person who, after making a claim, negotiates with all parties involved for the proper settlement of the claims by the insurance company. An independent inspector is a person who fixes the insurer's losses, but pays the fee and the insured is not an employee. A full-time specialist in an insurance company is known as a human resource specialist. A public surveyor is a person who, in the event of a claim, negotiates a fee with one or more insurers on behalf of the insurer.

  • Services were hired by an insurance company to assess losses and settle insurance claims. Also contact a public insurance specialist.

  • Adjuster means: A person who has the services of an insurance company that resolves the grievances of policyholders or claimants. The specialist examines each claim and then pays based on the coverage provided in your insurance agreement.

  • Meaning of Adjuster: People who investigate and settle insurance claims. This includes damage investigation and coverage assessment.


Adjuster Meanings:

  1. The definition of Adjuster is: Anyone who investigates a claim and recommends settlement options based on the estimated loss and insurance policy taken

  2. The person who investigates the loss and negotiates an agreement with the plaintiff on behalf of the company.

  3. In case of loss, the insurance company representatives determine the liability for the claims against the insurance company.

  4. Adjuster means: Conduct an investigation and settlement process for the insured.

  5. Definition of Adjuster: The person who investigates and checks the claim by the insurance company (claim adjuster or claim adjuster)