Adjusted Present Value (APV)

Adjusted Present Value (APV),

What is The Meaning of Adjusted Present Value (APV)?

  1. Adjusted Present Value (APV) can be defined as, Adjusted current value is the current value (NPV) of a project or business when any financial gain is financed through current value (VA) in addition to equity, which represents the additional effect of the loan. Given the benefits of financing, the APV includes tax protection measures, such as those offered for deduction interest.

    • APV is the net current value of a project or business if it has a current value of financial benefits in addition to its financial capital.
    • The APV shows investors the benefits of tax protection against deductible interest payments.
    • Best use for lending transactions, such as lechat purchases, but more for scientific calculations.

Literal Meanings of Adjusted Present Value (APV)


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