Adjusted Net Worth

Adjusted Net Worth,

Adjusted Net Worth means,

  1. A simple definition of Adjusted Net Worth is: In addition to capital gains and immovable activities (less tax on potential capital), additional capital and the portfolio value of the insurance company's voluntary reserves. Other adjustments are often made.

Literal Meanings of Adjusted Net Worth


Meanings of Adjusted:
  1. Easily change or move anything (including anything) to get the desired combination, shape, or result.

  2. Estimate (loss or damage) in settling claims.

Sentences of Adjusted
  1. She straightened her hair and tied her tie

  2. Insurance agents may be responsible for adjusting for small losses

Synonyms of Adjusted

fine-tune, alter, modify, balance, calibrate, regulate, tune


Meanings of Net:
  1. Fish or land with a net (fish or other animal).

  2. (Sports) Kicking or Kicking (Ball or Pick) Net (Round)

  3. Cover with net.

  4. An open piece of pure material, such as a rope, rope, or similar, is commonly used to catch fish or other animals.

  5. A frame-supported structure that serves the purpose of sports such as football and hockey.

  6. Smooth fabric with very revealing weft.

  7. A way to trap someone.

  8. Internet.

  9. Earn or receive as net income (a cash amount).

  10. Remaining after deductions like tax or rebate (quantity, price or value)

Sentences of Net
  1. Damage during net fishing

  2. Wright scored 177 goals in six years

  3. Fishermen are fixing their nets

  4. Turn Wilson's wings into a net

  5. The search has been postponed so that the killers can escape the net.

  6. Ensuring privacy on the web is becoming increasingly difficult.

  7. It sold its 20 stakeholders and made huge profits in the process.

  8. Increase in earnings per share

  9. The net result is the same

Synonyms of Net

pull in, after deductions, end, mesh, netting, booby trap, be paid, get, take home, make, concluding, clear, earn, closing, bring in, latticework, lace, accumulate, trap, obtain, take-home, webbing, tulle


Meanings of Worth:
  1. The value that corresponds to or is being studied, the degree to which something or something should be valued.

  2. Equivalent to the value of a specific amount or location.

Sentences of Worth
  1. They have to listen to all the gossip and decide the price.

  2. Jewelry worth 50 450