Adjusted Gross Estate

Adjusted Gross Estate,

How Do You Define Adjusted Gross Estate?

  1. Meaning of Adjusted Gross Estate: On the net worth of the deceased: The starting point for calculating inheritance tax. In addition to the deceased's assets in his life, this price usually includes the amount of life insurance.

  2. Meaning of Adjusted Gross Estate: In the case of inheritance tax, it refers to the total value of all debts accumulated in addition to the total value of the deceased property.

Literal Meanings of Adjusted Gross Estate


Meanings of Adjusted:
  1. Easily edit or move (multiple) to get you the desired fit, shape or result.

  2. Assessment (loss or damage) in resolving insurance claims.

Sentences of Adjusted
  1. She straightened her hair and smoothed her tie

  2. The insurance agent may be responsible for adjusting for minor losses

Synonyms of Adjusted

modify, fine-tune, alter, calibrate, tune, regulate, balance


Meanings of Gross:
  1. (Especially bad deeds) are very clear and clearly unacceptable.

  2. (Income, Income or Interest) without tax deductions or other aggregate contributions

  3. Too rude or too rude.

  4. Not good or detailed in general or large scale.

  5. No taxes or other assistance are withheld.

  6. Generate or receive (amount of money) in the form of profit or gross revenue.

  7. Twelve dozen total 144.

  8. Gross profit or revenue.

Sentences of Gross
  1. Serious human rights violations

  2. The total prize money is $ 1,000

  3. The demands of our subordinates were very strong

  4. At the overall physical level

  5. If the value of your title is 000 50,000 or more, total interest will be paid

  6. The film grossed million 8 million in the United States

  7. Fifty-five cans of processed raw milk

  8. Attached fat cabinet

Synonyms of Gross

entire, overt, evident, flagrant, vulgar, improper, fetch, pornographic, take, lewd, ribald, offensive, draw, dirty, blatant, complete, impure, coarse, glaring, get, obscene, whole, receive, indecent, filthy


Meanings of Estate:
  1. A large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland, usually a large house, belongs to a person, family or organization.

  2. All the money and property of a particular person, especially after death.

  3. A class or order that is considered part of a political party, specifically (in England) one of the three groups in Parliament, now the Sovereign Spirit (church head), the Earth Masters (elite) and the Council. They are also commonly known in society as three specific regions, classes or categories of people.

  4. A certain state, a certain period or certain life circumstances.

Sentences of Estate
  1. Then, the grandparents move to another house on the family farm and cultivate the land on their own as long as possible.

  2. Voluntarily, he distributed his goods between his wife and daughter

  3. Unity is no longer about the kingdom

  4. Human Cultural Heritage Improvement Program

Synonyms of Estate

belongings, condition, state, grounds, lot, stuff, wealth, circumstance, fate, worth, resources, property, worldly goods, open area, things, riches, chattels, fortune, effects, open space, goods, possessions, valuables, ground, assets, position, situation