Adjusted Earnings

Adjusted Earnings,

Adjusted Earnings means,

  1. Meaning of Adjusted Earnings: The insured's estimated profit is based on the growth of net operating income in addition to the written premium.

Literal Meanings of Adjusted Earnings


Meanings of Adjusted:
  1. Edit or move a little (something) to get the desired fit, look, or result.

  2. Assess (loss or damage) when handling insurance claims.

Sentences of Adjusted
  1. He straightened his hair and straightened his tie.

  2. Insurance agents may be responsible for adjusting for minor losses.

Synonyms of Adjusted

see to, change, rework, fine-tune, jigger, standardize, patch up, put in working order, rearrange, remodel, rectify, overhaul, normalize, tune, enhance, balance, make good, reshape, improve, set to rights, rejig, alter, revamp, fix, tailor


Meanings of Earnings:
  1. Money received in return for work or services.

Sentences of Earnings
  1. Compensation for lost profits.

Synonyms of Earnings

gross pay, pay, fees, revenue, takings, pickings, fringe benefits, honoraria, return, perks, gain, yield, remuneration, salary, proceeds, stipend, net pay, payment, wages, income, dividends