Adjustable Premium

Adjustable Premium,

What is Adjustable Premium?

  1. Adjustable Premium can be defined as, Variable premiums are insurance premiums that are not held indefinitely at a fixed price, but may change over the life of the policy. Policyholders want to change their premium based on investment performance, change in housing conditions, desired benefits or other factors. Variable premiums are common in life insurance.

Literal Meanings of Adjustable Premium


Meanings of Adjustable:
  1. As required

Sentences of Adjustable
  1. The car has fully adjustable seats and steering wheel

Synonyms of Adjustable

convertible, versatile, modifiable, alterable, multiway, adaptable, accommodating, variable


Meanings of Premium:
  1. Amount paid for the insurance policy.

Sentences of Premium
  1. Consumers do not like to pay more for organic fruits

Synonyms of Premium

instalment, insurance charge, extra amount, bonus, extra, extra charge, insurance payment, reward, recompense, prize, perk, surcharge, additional payment, remuneration, additional fee, percentage, regular payment