Adjustable Life

Adjustable Life,

How Do You Define Adjustable Life?

  1. Life insurance with premiums, cash and death benefits change.

Literal Meanings of Adjustable Life


Sentences of Adjustable
  1. This car has a fully adjusted seat and steering wheel

Synonyms of Adjustable

multiway, alterable, accommodating, convertible, versatile, variable, modifiable, adaptable


Meanings of Life:
  1. A condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the ability to grow, reproduce, function, and change permanently before they die.

  2. Existence of the same human or animal.

  3. The time between the birth and death of living human beings, especially human beings.

  4. Significance, power or energy.

  5. (In art) Representation of an article from a real model rather than the artist's imagination.

Sentences of Life
  1. The essence of life

  2. A catastrophe that killed 266 Americans

  3. He spent his entire life in the countryside

  4. She is beautiful and full of life

  5. Your poses and clothes are taken from life

Synonyms of Life

days, zest, duration of life, life span, enthusiasm, go, vigour, exuberance, spiritedness, bounce, time on earth, mortal, course of life, soul, one's career, energy, buoyancy, verve, creature, dash, animation, gusto, existence, one's time, spirit, animateness, lifetime