Adjustable Basketball Hoop Stuck

Adjustable Basketball Hoop Stuck

My basketball business stopped working after a year. Why? 3

But if you leave your tires at a certain (adjustable) height a long time ago, you will not be able to lower them. It's 3 meters now and the reason is that we can't adjust it anymore.

Details: You have 2 pull ups on the semicircular lever for climbing and descending, which is just the lifting handle at the rear of the control. You have to pull the lever to unlock the process and move it. The height adjustment lever no longer moves. You can press the lift lever, though, and the controls are fine, but the more you push it up and the lower the control, the harder it will be to maintain the height of the control, and when you release it, Move the full control panel. He jumped up and made a loud noise.

I'm sorry if this is negative.

Please help ... it costs too much

Just use it, the first train is at 3 meters, because that's the actual height.

Email as much as possible and give it a try. It's probably just St.

It's old. A new one will cost around $ 100.00 !!!!!!!!

Adjustable Basketball Hoop Stuck