Definition of Adjust:

  1. Alter or move (something) slightly in order to achieve the desired fit, appearance, or result.

  2. To change; alter; adapt. He had to adjust the format of his term paper so that it followed the guidelines set by his professor. She was used to dealing with warm temperatures, so she had to adjust to the snow and cold when she moved to the Northeast..

  3. Assess (loss or damages) when settling an insurance claim.

Synonyms of Adjust

Abate, Accept, Acclimate, Acclimatize, Accommodate, Accommodate with, Accord, Accustom, Adapt, Adapt to, Addict, Adjust, Adjust to, Agree with, Alter, Ameliorate, Arbitrate, Arrange, Arrange matters, Assimilate, Assimilate to, Assuage, Attune, Balance, Be guided by, Bend, Better, Box in, Break, Break in, Break up, Bring to terms, Bring together, Bulk, Button up, Cancel, Capacitate, Case harden, Change, Chart, Chime in with, Circumscribe, Close, Close up, Close with, Codify, Compensate, Comply, Comply with, Compose, Compound, Compromise, Conclude, Condition, Condone, Confirm, Conform, Convert, Coordinate, Cop out, Correct, Correspond, Countenance, Counterbalance, Counterpoise, Countervail, Cut to, Deform, Denature, Diminish, Discipline, Diversify, Domesticate, Domesticize, Duck responsibility, Enable, Enlarge, Equalize, Equate, Equip, Establish, Evade responsibility, Even, Even up, Fall in with, Familiarize, Fasten up, Fit, Fix, Fix up, Follow, Furnish, Gauge, Gear to, Gentle, Get used to, Give and take, Give way, Go by, Go fifty-fifty, Grade, Graduate, Grin and abide, Group, Habituate, Harden, Harmonize, Heal the breach, Hedge, Hedge about, Homologate, Homologize, Housebreak, Improve, Integrate, Inure, Key to, Leaven, Let go by, Let pass, Level, Limit, Make a deal, Make an adjustment, Make concessions, Make conform, Make peace, Make plumb, Make right, Make uniform, Make up, Match, Measure, Mediate, Meet, Meet halfway, Meliorate, Methodize, Mitigate, Moderate, Modify, Modulate, Mold, Mutate, Narrow, Naturalize, Normalize, Obey, Observe, Order, Organize, Orient, Orient the map, Orientate, Overlook, Overthrow, Palliate, Patch things up, Patch up, Plan, Play politics, Poise, Proportion, Put in order, Put in trim, Put in tune, Put right, Put to rights, Quadrate, Qualify, Range, Rank, Rationalize, Re-create, Reach a compromise, Realign, Rearrange, Rebuild, Reconcile, Reconstruct, Rectify, Redesign, Redress, Reduce, Refit, Reform, Regularize, Regulate, Regulate by, Remake, Renew, Reshape, Resolve, Restore harmony, Restrain, Restrict, Restructure, Reunite, Revamp, Revive, Rig, Right, Ring the changes, Rise above, Routinize, Rub off corners, Season, Set, Set conditions, Set limits, Set right, Set to rights, Settle, Settle differences, Settle with, Shape, Shift the scene, Shrug, Shrug it off, Shuffle the cards, Similarize, Size, Smooth it over, Soften, Sort, Split the difference, Square, Stabilize, Standardize, Steady, Straighten, Straighten out, Strike a balance, Strike a bargain, Submit to, Subvert, Suit, Surrender, Sync, Synchronize, Systematize, Tailor, Take the mean, Take to, Tally with, Tame, Temper, Train, Trim, Trim to, True, True up, Tune, Tune up, Turn the scale, Turn the tables, Turn the tide, Turn upside down, Vary, Weave peace between, Wont, Work a change, Work out, Worsen, Yield, Yield to, Zip up, Modify, Alter, Regulate, Tune, Fine-tune, Calibrate, Balance

How to use Adjust in a sentence?

  1. The insurance agent may have the responsibility of adjusting small losses.
  2. He smoothed his hair and adjusted his tie.

Meaning of Adjust & Adjust Definition