What is Adjunct?

  1. Added or attached as something extra, not as part of something bigger or more important.

Meanings of Adjunct

  1. Something is added to something else as an additional part, not a necessary part.

  2. A word or phrase used to enhance or change the meaning of one or more words in a sentence.

  3. Usually, usually as an alternative to attaching or being attached to something.

Sentences of Adjunct

  1. This is the completion of the study.

  2. The Lion English Poetry Database contains 144 examples of "Under God", and many of them I think are unique local additions that change the nominal sentences.

  3. Other alternative or complementary therapies, including immunotherapy

Synonyms of Adjunct

complement, supplemental, substitute, additional, addition, accompaniment, backup, add-on, other, extra, supplementary, emergency, supplement, additive, reserve, appurtenance, spare, fallback, accessory, companion