Definition of Adjournment:

  1. An act or period of adjourning or being adjourned.

  2. Suspension or postponement of the hearing of a case, either to a definite future date or indefinitely (called sine die adjournment). When awarded at the request of a party to the case, the court may attach certain conditions.

Synonyms of Adjournment

Suspension, Breaking off, Discontinuation, Interruption, Postponement, Rescheduling, Deferment, Deferral, Delay, Shelving, Stay, Pigeonholing, Prorogation, Dissolution, Dissolving, Disbandment, Termination, Halting

How to use Adjournment in a sentence?

  1. She sought an adjournment of the trial.

Meaning of Adjournment & Adjournment Definition