How Do You Define ADJACENT?

ADJACENT refers to A term used to deal with structures that are connected but not physically connected.

Meanings of ADJACENT

  1. In front of or beyond anything else.

  2. (From the corner) which has the same top and sides.

Sentences of ADJACENT

  1. Adjoining room

Synonyms of ADJACENT

next to, by, bordering on, joining, adjoining, touching, contiguous with, alongside, neighbouring on, abreast of, close to, beside, next door to, close by, proximate to, near to, abutting, by the side of, neighbouring, attached to, bordering

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What Does ADJACENT Mean?

Meaning of ADJACENT: A term used to describe structures that are contiguous but not physically connected.

Meanings of ADJACENT

  1. With something else

  2. (Of a pair of angles) is formed on the same side of a straight line as it crosses another line.

Synonyms of ADJACENT

neighbouring (on), conjoining, vicinal, cheek by jowl with, bordering (on), approximate to