Definition of Adhesive:

  1. A substance used for sticking objects or materials together; glue.

  2. Synthetic compound that bonds two surfaces. Animal or plant derived bonding compound is called a glue..

  3. Able to stick fast to a surface or object; sticky.

Synonyms of Adhesive

Glue, Fixative, Gum, Paste, Cement, Bonding, Binder, Sealer, Sealant, Adherent, Affixation, Amylaceous, Annexation, Attachment, Barnacle, Binding, Birdlime, Bond, Bramble, Brier, Bulldog, Bulldogged, Bulldoggish, Bulldoggy, Bullheaded, Burr, Cement, Clabbered, Clammy, Clasping, Clingy, Clotted, Coagulated, Curdled, Decal, Decalcomania, Doughy, Fastener, Fastening, Fish glue, Gaumy, Gelatinous, Girding, Glairy, Glue, Gluelike, Gluey, Gluten, Glutenous, Glutinose, Glutinous, Gooey, Grumous, Gum, Gumbo, Gumbolike, Gumlike, Gummous, Gummy, Gunk, Heavy, Hooking, Inspissated, Jelled, Jellied, Jellylike, Knot, Lashing, Leech, Library paste, Ligation, Lime, Limpet, Lute, Mastic, Molasses, Mucilage, Mucilaginous, Obstinate, Paste, ■■■■■, Persistent, Plaster, Prickle, Putty, Remora, Ropy, Rubber cement, Sealing wax, Self-adhesive, Size, Slabby, Slimy, Slithery, Solder, Splice, Starchy, Stickable, Sticker, Sticking, Sticky, Stodgy, Stringy, Stubborn, Syrup, Syrupy, Tacky, Tenacious, Thick, Thickened, Thorn, Tieing, Tough, Tremelloid, Tremellose, Viscid, Viscose, Viscous, Wafer, Zipping, Sticky, Sticking, Adhering, Adherent, Clinging, Tacky, Gluey, Gummy, Gummed, Cohesive, Viscous, Viscid, Glutinous, Mucilaginous

How to use Adhesive in a sentence?

  1. An adhesive label.
  2. Tile adhesive.

Meaning of Adhesive & Adhesive Definition

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