Addressable Advertising

Addressable Advertising

Ads that use identifiers to improve the scheduling, interaction, measurement, and optimization of digital ads.

Literal Meanings of Addressable Advertising


Meanings of Addressable:
  1. You can apply.


Meanings of Advertising:
  1. To make public (especially a public) announcement (of something).

  2. Providing information about a person or goods and services for the purpose of influencing others.

  3. Provide publicly available information about (goods, services, etc.) to attract public attention and increase sales.

  4. To inform (someone) about something, to draw someone's attention to something.

  5. In rummy, you discard a card of your favorite suit to trick your opponent into thinking you don't need it.

  6. Communication intended to influence potential customers about products and services.

  7. The industry or profession of which this communication consists.

Sentences of Advertising
  1. Advertise your personal needs online or in your local newspaper.

  2. They promote their product live on radio shows and TV news.

Addressable Advertising