Definition of Additive:

  1. Agent or factor that, when combined with other agents and factors, adds to their cumulative effect or strength usually by a known degree or extent. A food additive, for example, is added to enhance the flavor, improve the appearance, extend the shelf life, or fortify the nutritional value of a food.

  2. A substance added to something in small quantities to improve or preserve it.

  3. Characterized by, relating to, or produced by addition.

Synonyms of Additive

Accession, Accessory, Accompaniment, Accumulative, Addenda, Addendum, Additament, Addition, Additional, Additory, Additum, Adjunct, Adjuvant, Annex, Annexation, Appanage, Appendage, Appendant, Appurtenance, Appurtenant, Attachment, Augment, Augmentation, Chain, Coda, Complement, Component, Concomitant, Constituent, Continuation, Corollary, Cumulative, Elemental, Extension, Extrapolation, Fixture, Increase, Increment, Offshoot, Pendant, Reinforcement, Side effect, Side issue, Summational, Summative, Supplement, Tailpiece, Undergirding, Added ingredient, Addition, Extra, Add-on, Supplement, Accompaniment

How to use Additive in a sentence?

  1. Many foods contain chemical additives.
  2. The combination of these factors has an additive effect.

Meaning of Additive & Additive Definition