Definition of Additive:

  1. An agent or factor that, together with other agents and factors, usually increases its overall effect or potential to a known degree or degree. Food edits are added, for example, to enhance the taste, improve the appearance, extend the shelf life, or increase the nutritional value of the food.

  2. To improve and maintain it, the substances added a small amount of something.

  3. Marked, tied or made with additions.

Synonyms of Additive

Coda, Supplement, Accompaniment, Appendant, Side effect, Accessory, Addition, Additament, Additional, Continuation, Undergirding, Extrapolation, Supplement, Summational, Concomitant, Pendant, Complement, Accumulative, Chain, Component, Added ingredient, Adjuvant, Corollary, Increase, Addenda, Reinforcement, Appurtenant, Side issue, Additum, Extension, Annex, Additory, Offshoot, Summative, Augment, Constituent, Cumulative, Addendum, Accompaniment, Elemental, Addition, Adjunct, Appendage, Accession, Fixture, Add-on, Attachment, Extra, Appurtenance, Tailpiece, Appanage, Annexation, Increment, Augmentation

How to use Additive in a sentence?

  1. Many foods contain chemical additives.
  2. The combination of these factors has an additional effect.

Meaning of Additive & Additive Definition

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