Additional Insured Endorsement

Additional Insured Endorsement,

What Does Additional Insured Endorsement Mean?

  • The definition of Additional Insured Endorsement is: Policyholders further say that additional policyholders insure by name, ie the mortgagee or the owner. A variety of formats have been developed for different situations, some of which offer very limited coverage for additional policyholders. (Instead of mentioning each additional insured person, sometimes an insured driver is available.)

  • For example, confirming the policy of insuring additional policyholders by name. B. Holder or Ordinary Certificate. (Instead of mentioning each additional insured person, the insured driver may be linked to the policy.)

Literal Meanings of Additional Insured Endorsement


Meanings of Additional:
  1. Added in addition to or in addition to pre-existing or available.

Sentences of Additional
  1. We need more information

Synonyms of Additional

ancillary, extra, added, subsidiary, accessory, supplemental, supplementary, auxiliary, secondary, attendant, further


Meanings of Insured:
  1. Covered by insurance.

  2. Insured person or organization.

Sentences of Insured
  1. Insured car

  2. Benefit from the death of the insured


Meanings of Endorsement:
  1. An act of public approval or support of something or something.

  2. A clause in an insurance policy that specifies an exclusion or change in coverage.

  3. The act of verifying a check or exchange bill.

Sentences of Endorsement
  1. The issue of complete independence was widely supported

  2. Get additional help and insurance certificates from independent contractors who manage the program on your behalf or who visit your facility.

Synonyms of Endorsement

agreement, backing, patronage, support, acceptance, advocacy, seal of approval, approval, championship, recommendation