Definition of Addendum:

  1. The driver is full of the agreement which changes the terms and conditions. The exhibition is used to effectively update the requirements of various contracts. Its function is to change, clarify or delete part of the original document. This can be as simple as extending the contract period or explaining the payment and benefits plan.

  2. Radial distance between gear wheel pitch circle, worm wheel etc. And CP or Crust.

  3. Additional material, usually omitted, is added at the end of the book or other publication.

  4. Documents or information that are attached or added include clarification, modification or support of information contained in the original document or written work. In the construction industry, for example, Adinda issued by customers during the bidding process becomes part of the contract document when the order is placed.

  5. The appendix may contain written elements that are added to the existing text. These additions are usually made to additional documents that amend the original agreement. In this context, additions can also be used for informational purposes, for example, to complement books or documents that prove the delivery of an agreement. In this case, the information may include a picture or diagram detailing the business.

Synonyms of Addendum

Inessential, Mere chance, Peroration, PS, Collateral, Tag, Colophon, Codicil, Rider, Addition, Superaddition, Accompaniment, Increase, Concomitant, Sequelant, Appendix, Accession, Afterthought, Accidental, Postscript, Appendage, Offshoot, Continuation, Appanage, Postlude, Subsidiary, Augment, Postfix, Appendant, Back matter, Postscript, Addenda, Other, Last words, Sequitur, Consequence, Subscript, Chorus, Complement, Second thought, Coda, Corollary, Coda, Unessential, Happenstance, Secondary, Rider, Reinforcement, Adjunct, Envoi, Double take, Augmentation, Follow-through, Pendant, Attachment, Epilogue, Parthian shot, Suffix, Additament, Adjuvant, Contingent, Side effect, Appurtenance, Additive, Auxiliary, Contingency, Appurtenant, Supplement, Accompaniment, Swan song, Side issue, Postface, Refrain, Additory, Increment, Conclusion, Sequent, Sequela, Supplement, Codicil, Continuance, Extrapolation, Sequelae, Undergirding, Fixture, Follow-up, Tailpiece, Afterword, Nonessential, Incidental, Accessory, Annexation, Appendix, Not-self, Additum, Extra, Dying words, Annex, Sequel, Tailpiece, Parting shot, Extension, Accident

How to use Addendum in a sentence?

  1. The client wanted his lawyer to add a pair to the original agreement so he could change the building.
  2. The cover page was changed, the map of Egypt was lost, and additions and corrections were added to page 205 as an appendix instead of directly in the text.
  3. Many people do not read their contracts and therefore do not realize that they have the backing of many people which can complicate things in the future.
  4. The father asked his lawyer to make sure his grandson inherited 25% of his property and his two children left 75%.

Meaning of Addendum & Addendum Definition