Ad Tracking

Ad Tracking

A way to track the results of your ad campaigns across different ad platforms.

Literal Meanings of Ad Tracking


Sentences of Ad
  1. I placed both ads in the paper, as instructed.


Meanings of Tracking:
  1. Continuation over time.

  2. Follow the steps.

  3. Make a music recording (a track).

  4. It makes sense to be consistent with known information.

  5. An action or process by which something follows.

  6. Later adjustment of the spacing between individual letters.

  7. Division of students into individually trained groups according to the expected level of performance.

Sentences of Tracking
  1. The uncle followed the deer all day, the tracks of its hooves clearly visible in the mud.

  2. Lil Kyle is going to record with this DJ next week.

Synonyms of Tracking


Ad Tracking