Ad Rotation

Ad Rotation,

How To Define Ad Rotation?

  • Specifies the rotation of an ad on a web page. Whenever a user clicks on another page or returns to the same page that he has already seen in the same session, a different ad is displayed on the screen.

Literal Meanings of Ad Rotation


Meanings of Ad:
  1. An advertisement.

  2. It means profit

  3. Ono Domini (used to indicate that the date is a specific number of years after the accepted date of Christ's birth).

  4. Active service

  5. Armored Division.

  6. Sports Director

Synonyms of Ad

announcement, bulletin, notice


Meanings of Rotation:
  1. The effect of rotation around the axis or center.

Sentences of Rotation
  1. The moon moves in the direction of the earth's rotation

Synonyms of Rotation

revolving, circling, spinning, gyration, turning, whirling, twirling, swivelling, wheeling