Ad Call

Ad Call

What does it mean to view/request an ad?

An ad call or ad request occurs when one computer requests an ad from another. This is a general term that refers to the demand for advertisements. It is useful for many descriptive purposes, but can be a bit confusing when you search for all the things it relates to. The whole process is a bit like an old lady swallowing a fly.

What is a sales pitch?

When you download a web page to your computer, your computer basically asks the server to send you the web page, including any advertisements it contains. Every ad on the page is seen and each fully loaded ad counts as one ad impression.

It can also be said that the actual website on the server is making advertising calls. This is because ads are usually not part of a web page. They are stored in a different location, so they are different for each store. What happens is that your computer asks the server to display a web page. Once a web page loads, it triggers ads from another server. This then sends advertisements to your computer so that they become part of the website.

When a website uses an ad server, this actually makes the ad more appealing. So your computer requests a web page from the server, the web page requests an ad from an ad server, and the ad server calls up the ad and returns it over the network.

Of course, an ad server is usually used to serve ads from different locations, so it can in turn request ads from another server/provider/platform (some kind of computer) and that would be the original ad call. You are loading a web page.

All of these actions can (and are) called ad views, and this is a very useful way to refer to an action. This is usually related to stats (the site had 10,000 ad views this morning) or troubleshooting (an ad serving issue on the ad server side).

Other ad names (synonyms)

Ad request, ad impression (so to speak: successful ad call = ad impression)

This is the opposite (antonyms)

Interrupted sales call

Not to be confused with

Call to action, call to action

When free ad space is available on the Internet, the user's browser sends requests to ad exchanges or ad servers to serve ads. This request is called an advertising call. Ad views include information from browser cookies and information from ad tags, such as publisher ID, size, location, referrer URL, and other attributes and data necessary for ad serving. See also ad tag.

Literal Meanings of Ad Call


Sentences of Ad
  1. I placed both ads in the paper, as instructed.


Meanings of Call:
  1. Decision or verdict.

  2. The status of the batsman whose role it is to call (depends on where the ball flies).

  3. Call for employment.

  4. Referring to or specifying an object, course, distance or other descriptive matter in an application or grant requiring or requesting a related object, etc. in a field.

  5. (sometimes with para) desire, desire.

  6. Announce the prepayment of the debt by prepayment, usually with a surcharge.

Ad Call