Definition of Actuary:

  1. A person who compiles and analyzes statistics and uses them to calculate insurance risks and premiums.

  2. Qualified statistician who uses experience tables (such as mortality tables and morbidity tables) to asses life expectancy of different age groups. Often employed as insurance underwriters, actuaries employ mathematical theories of probability in determination of insurance risks, and in administration of pension funds.

Synonyms of Actuary

CA, CPA, Abacist, Accident insurance, Accountant, Accountant general, Annuity, Assurance, Auditor, Aviation insurance, Bail bond, Bank accountant, Bank examiner, Bond, Bookkeeper, Business life insurance, Calculator, Casualty insurance, Certificate of insurance, Certified public accountant, Chartered accountant, Clerk, Comptroller, Computer, Controller, Cost accountant, Cost keeper, Court bond, Credit insurance, Credit life insurance, Deductible, Endowment insurance, Estimator, Family maintenance policy, Fidelity bond, Fidelity insurance, Figurer, Flood insurance, Fraternal insurance, Government insurance, Health insurance, Industrial life insurance, Insurance, Insurance agent, Insurance broker, Insurance company, Insurance man, Insurance policy, Interinsurance, Journalizer, Liability insurance, License bond, Limited payment insurance, Major medical insurance, Malpractice insurance, Marine insurance, Mutual company, Ocean marine insurance, Permit bond, Policy, Reckoner, Recorder, Registrar, Robbery insurance, Social security, Statistician, Stock company, Term insurance, Theft insurance, Underwriter

How to use Actuary in a sentence?

  1. In determining the actuarial surplus in a pension fund, actuaries make key assumptions.

Meaning of Actuary & Actuary Definition