Actuarially Fair

Actuarially Fair,

What is The Meaning of Actuarially Fair?

  • Actuarially Fair means: Explains the cost of insurance according to the estimated loss.

  • An insurance contract is considered fair in practice if the premium payment is equal to the amount received under the policy or the expected amount of benefits.

Literal Meanings of Actuarially Fair


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Actuarially Fair,

Actuarially Fair: What is the Meaning of Actuarially Fair?

  1. Actuarially Fair means, It describes the cost of insurance according to the expected losses.

  2. A simple definition of Actuarially Fair is: The insurance contract is deemed to be actuarially fair if the premium payment is equal to the amount received under the policy or the expected value of the benefit.

Literal Meanings of Actuarially Fair


Sentences of Actuarially
  1. In terms of insurance, it is cheaper to insure young people than older people.

  2. There is something sad about a lifestyle victim, which has the expected consequences of alcohol and smoking.

  3. He recalls that when he ran for the first time, he was promised more votes from the field than was actually possible.

  4. The pension program is regulated by law to keep actuaries healthy, while the ponzi scheme does not pass the actuarial health exam.


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