Actuarial Equity

Actuarial Equity,

Actuarial Equity:

  1. Equity uniformity is the method used by insurers to define premiums. This amount is calculated based on a number of factors, including age, health profile, gender, family history and type of insurance that applicants wish to take.

Literal Meanings of Actuarial Equity


Meanings of Actuarial:
  1. To calculate insurance risks and premiums with act actures or in their production in connection with work and statistical analysis.

Sentences of Actuarial
  1. An actuarial consulting firm


Meanings of Equity:
  1. The standard of being fair and impartial.

  2. Price of shares issued by the company.

  3. The value of the property is mortgaged after the price.

  4. (In the United States, United Kingdom, and some other countries) A ​​union consisting primarily of professional actors.

Sentences of Equity
  1. Treatment of justice

  2. The group owns 62% of the capital

  3. People who have significant equity in their homes

Synonyms of Equity

fairness, fair-mindedness, fair play, equitableness, worth, justness, valuation, value, justice