Actual Age

Actual Age,

What Does Actual Age Mean?

Your last age is based on your last birthday. This is in contrast to your physical age, the age at which you are physically closer.

Literal Meanings of Actual Age


Meanings of Actual:
  1. In fact, it often goes against what was planned, expected or believed.

  2. Available so far.

Synonyms of Actual

genuine, undeniable, clear, clear-cut, definite, veritable, present, authentic, real, extant, plain, current, confirmed, verified, existing, hard, actual, true, attested, existent


Meanings of Age:
  1. When someone was alive or something was present.

  2. Another historic era.

  3. Aging or old age, especially visible and visible.

Sentences of Age
  1. The age of technology development

Synonyms of Age

epoch, aeon, span, lifetime, time, number of years, era, period, duration, length of life