Definition of ActiveX:

  1. ActiveX is software that allows applications to share information with one another, regardless of what programming language they're written in. was Developed by Microsoft (MSFT) in 1996, ActiveX is only supported on Windows and with Microsoft products like Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Today, Javascript and Flash are more widely used than ActiveX.

  2. ActiveX is used to create pieces of pre-coded software called ActiveX controls (similar to plug-ins or add-ins on other browsers). If, for example, you are trying to access a webpage that has plays Flash files, you can download a Flash ActiveX control in order to play the files directly in your browser without opening a new application. Basically, the controls extend a browser's functionality, allowing it to perform tasks it would otherwise not be capable of doing natively. It's particularly useful for playing videos and other multimedia content, skipping the step of opening a seprate media player.

  3. Microsoft Corporations component software that duplicates some capabilities of Java. Based on object linking and embedding (OLE) technology, it allows inclusion of executable code in a document or webpage. In a networked environment (such as the Internet), it permits software components written in different programming languages to interact with one another via messaging aided by the Windows operating system. ActiveX controls are known to be inherently insecure through which unauthorized access to a computer may be obtained. See also Javabeans.

Meaning of ActiveX & ActiveX Definition


ActiveX is an Application Programming Interface (API) that extends the Microsoft OLE protocol. Often compared to Java, ActiveX simplifies and enhances working with various Internet applications and thus enhances the functionality of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. Like Java, ActiveX allows you to develop interactive content. When the ActiveXaware browser detects a web page that contains an unknown feature, it automatically installs the appropriate applications so that the feature can be used.

A programming language standard developed by Microsoft that allows complex graphical client applications to be written and then opened via a web browser.