Actively-at-work means,

  1. Definition of Actively-at-work: Most group health insurance states that if an employee takes effect on the day the policy takes effect, coverage will not begin until the employee returns to work.

Literal Meanings of Actively-at-work


Meanings of Actively:
  1. Be aware and positive.

  2. Energetic

Sentences of Actively
  1. These are just a few examples of how some countries are incorporating organic products into their export strategies.

  2. You need to register actively outside of your normal range.

  3. Most companies are actively trying to increase customer loyalty or loyalty with their products.

  4. Teachers are actively recruiting students who will benefit from the experience and will have time to raise funds for travel.

  5. He is active in research efforts related to water quality, fertilizer management and soil carbon measurement techniques.

  6. We encourage students to develop their ability and desire to analyze, evaluate and communicate complex materials and locations.

  7. It was one of the first companies in the country to actively promote autonomous gas stations.


Meanings of At:
  1. Describe the location or arrival at a particular location.

  2. @ The login is used in the language to identify the email address, separating the owner's name from its location address.

  3. This indicates the time when the incident occurred.

  4. A fixed term post

  5. This refers to the amount that a person spends in attending an educational institution, workplace, or home.

  6. Select a specific point or class on the scale.

  7. It refers to a person's age.

  8. It expresses a particular condition or condition.

  9. Shows the relationship between a person and ability.

  10. Express objects with appearances, gestures, ideas, actions or plans.

  11. Press the firearm object.

  12. Emphasizes the direction of an action on a particular object.

  13. It reflects the way things are done.

Sentences of At
  1. They stopped at a small tretoria

  2. He is always on the telecom

  3. Airports and airlines share responsibility for providing services at airports.

  4. He continued teaching while I was at Louise's house.

  5. Her first professional performance was at The Getty Theater as a student of George Bernard Shaw's The Devil.

Synonyms of At

in good time for, at, before


Meanings of Work:
  1. Activities that involve physical or mental effort to achieve a goal or outcome.

  2. Physical or mental activity as a way of working.

  3. Where do you work

  4. Year of service.

  5. The act or work of completing someone or something.

  6. Working material

  7. Cosmetic plastic surgery

  8. Good deeds or morals.

  9. Do something

Sentences of Work
  1. Keep working on creating a new store

  2. Whether a player, coach or not, success is the result of hard work and effort.

  3. Great progress can come from hard work and discipline.

  4. Students should come first: They are the ones who are actively working and getting results.

  5. Illness may mean that there is no more housework or housework.

  6. The organizers and organizers of the event worked very hard at the event.

  7. Even so, the bridge was crowded with renovations.

  8. This means that half a kilogram a day forces a person to do heavy physical work.

  9. We show our clients and sponsors the results of our work.

  10. He is trying his best to prepare for the weather, not just the motorcycle.

Synonyms of Work

yard, feat, output, fashion, operate, action, slave, deed, shape, effort, doing, the sweat of one's brow, do business, stir up, use, movement, till, hold down a job, manufacturing complex, drive, execute, creation, working parts, have the desired result, earn one's living, post, workings, effect