Active Participation

Active Participation,

What is The Definition of Active Participation?

Active Participation means: The amount of the owner's equity property that will meet the لی 25,000 deduction for illegal losses from the leased property. If this test is not passed, the loss cannot be deducted under the passive loss principle. (See the Inactive Damages Rules below.)

Literal Meanings of Active Participation


Meanings of Active:
  1. Active form of the verb.

  2. Participate or be prepared for strenuous physical activity.

  3. Perform tasks or activities in a specific place or in a specific way.

  4. The work of (one thing).

  5. Indicates the relative or the sound that connects the action of the verb to the person or thing that comes from it logically (for example, the verb of the verb in the weapon and we have already seen it).

Sentences of Active
  1. In fact, they discussed a wide range of biases on the part of news organizations, not just between assets and liabilities.

  2. I have to change my lifestyle and be more active.

  3. The artist was active in the 1920s

  4. The old factory lasted until 1960

  5. Don't worry about clutter, write in a dynamic voice, put every idea into your sentence, and finally get a good score.

Synonyms of Active

spirited, in operation, operating, mobile, in action, sporty, zestful, in force, functional, live, vigorous, lively, functioning, agile, sprightly, frisky, bouncy, nimble, working, dynamic, animated, vital, perky, operative


Synonyms of Participation

contribution, engagement, taking part, part, involvement