Definition of Action:

  1. Formal proceeding in which a party exercises its legal right in a court, usually by means of a writ. If other means (prescribed by rules of court) are used, the proceeding is usually called a matter.

Synonyms of Action

Accomplished fact, Accomplishment, Achievement, Act, Acta, Actions, Activeness, Activism, Activity, Acts, Ad hoc measure, Address, Adventure, Aerial combat, Affectation, Affray, Agency, Air, Amphibious operations, Anagnorisis, Angle, Answer, Architectonics, Architecture, Argument, Armored combat, Artifice, Atmosphere, Automatic control, Award, Background, Ball, Battle, Battle royal, Bearing, Behavior, Behavior pattern, Behavioral norm, Behavioral science, Big time, Blow, Brush, Bullfight, Business, Carriage, Cascade control, Case, Catastrophe, Cause, Cause in court, Characterization, Clash, Clash of arms, Clockworks, Cockfight, Color, Combat, Combined operations, Complication, Comportment, Condemnation, Conduct, Conflict, Consideration, Continuity, Contrivance, Control action, Countermove, Coup, Course of action, Culture pattern, Custom, Dealings, Decision, Decree, Deed, Deliverance, Demarche, Demeanor, Denouement, Deportment, Design, Determination, Development, Device, Diagnosis, Dictum, Direction, Discharge, Dodge, Dogfight, Doing, Doings, Doom, Drive train, Driving, Dry run, Effect, Effectiveness, Effectuation, Effort, Electronic control, Embroilment, Encounter, Endeavor, Energy, Engagement, Enterprise, Episode, Exchange of blows, Execution, Exercise, Exertion, Expedient, Exploit, Fable, Fait accompli, Falling action, Feat, Feedback control, Fight, Fighting, Finding, Fire fight, Fluid operations, Folkway, Force, Fray, Fulfillment, Fun, Fun and games, Function, Functioning, Funmaking, Game, Gear, Gest, Gestures, Gimmick, Go, Goings-on, Good time, Great fun, Ground combat, Guise, Hand, Hand-to-hand combat, Hand-to-hand fight, Handiwork, Handling, High old time, High time, House-to-house combat, Improvisation, Incident, Influence, Initiative, Innards, Job, Judicial process, Jury-rig, Jury-rigged expedient, Last expedient, Last resort, Last shift, Laughs, Lawsuit, Legal action, Legal case, Legal proceedings, Legal process, Legal remedy, Line, Litigation, Liveliness, Local color, Logistics, Lovely time, Machinery, Maintien, Makeshift, Management, Maneuver, Maneuvers, Manipulation, Manner, Manners, Means, Measure, Mechanism, Method, Methodology, Methods, Mien, Militancy, Military operations, Minor operations, Mission, Modus vivendi, Mood, Motif, Motion, Motions, Move, Movement, Movements, Moves, Mythos, Naval combat, Observable behavior, Occupation, Operancy, Operation, Operations, Order, Overseas operations, Overt act, Passage, Passage of arms, Pattern, Performance, Performing, Peripeteia, Picnic, Pis aller, Pitched battle, Plan, Play, Pleasant time, Plot, Poise, Political activism, Port, Pose, Posture, Power, Power train, Practice, Praxis, Precedent, Presence, Procedure, Proceeding, Proceedings, Process, Production, Prognosis, Pronouncement, Prosecution, Quarrel, Reaction, Recognition, Remedy, Res gestae, Resolution, Resort, Resource, Responsibility, Rising action, Robot control, Ruling, Rumble, Running, Running fight, Scheme, Scramble, Scrimmage, Scuffle, Secondary plot, Sentence, Servo control, Servomechanism, Shake-up, Shift, Shoving match, Skirmish, Slant, Social science, Solution, Sortie, Spirit, Sport, Staff work, Stand-up fight, Steering, Step, Stir, Stopgap, Story, Stratagem, Street fight, Strength, Stroke, Stroke of policy, Structure, Struggle, Stunt, Style, Subject, Subplot, Suit, Suit at law, Supervisory control, Switch, Tactic, Tactics, Tauromachy, Temporary expedient, Thematic development, Theme, Thing, Thing done, Tone, Topic, Tour de force, Transaction, Trick, Trump, Tug-of-war, Turn, Tussle, Twist, Undertaking, Verdict, Vigor, Vim, Vitality, War game, War plans, Watchworks, Way, Way of life, Ways, Wheels, Wheels within wheels, Work, Working, Working hypothesis, Working proposition, Workings, Works

How to use Action in a sentence?

  1. A person or entity can be said to take action against another person or entity when they engage in a formal proceeding through a writ in the court.
  2. Sometimes if you are being wronged you must take legal action against the opposing party to get them to stop doing it.
  3. The bailiff said the action pending in this court was Case #2548956 of the Superior Court of California, with the Honorable Judge Horace Perkins presiding was not ready to be heard.

Meaning of Action & Action Definition