Definition of Act:

  1. It has a special effect.

  2. Someone failed to achieve the goal or purpose.

  3. A work is an action.

  4. Do something, do something.

  5. The written rules of Congress or other legislatures form the law.

  6. The core of a play, ballet or opera.

  7. Play fictional roles in theater, film or television production.

  8. Perform actions or accomplish goals.

  9. A simulation.

  10. Nomination of law or alternative to law.

  11. Follow the instructions.

Synonyms of Act

Decree, Dictate, Methodology, Joint resolution, Have an impact on, Job, Legislation, Epilogue, Curtain raiser, Performance, Simulate, Coup, Take, Division, Occupation, Run, Shtick, Fake, Enact, Act as, Segment, Get top billing, Introduction, Accomplishment, Conduct, Dictation, Patter, Action, Bring into being, Hand, Discourse, Number, Facade, Masquerade, Hoke act, Acta, Star, Work on, Working, Four-flush, Direction, Bill, Realize, Serve, Pretence, Deport, Motion, Lex, Law, Have play, Resolution, Misbehave, Scene, Pattern, Process, Transaction, Pass for, Represent, Posture, Change, Functioning, Comportment, Dictate, Custom, Industrialize, Rule, Gestures, Address, Feat, Affectation, Work, Take effect, Achievement, Proclamation, Employment, Accomplish, Ordonnance, Methods, Undertaking, Folkway, Overproduce, Officiate, Exploit, Work, Bring to fruition, Port, Accomplished fact, Counterfeit, Commandment, Militate, Poise, Portray, Take part, Stooge, Intermission, Manners, Edict, Behavior, Exert influence on, Function, Operations, Gest, Air, Decree, Bit, Constitution, Curtain, Sham, Divertimento, Bring about, Register, Affectation, Act out, Interlude, Emotionalize, Cover up, Be one of the cast, Stroke, Action, Intermezzo, Play possum, Playact, Ordinance, Afterpiece, Pose, Goings-on, Barnstorm, Motions, Appearance, Demean, Control, Prescription, Tour de force, Take the initiative, Institution, Operation, Achieve, Step, Quit, Act as foil, Perform, Behavioral norm, Guise, Front, Effort, Mien, Function, Social science, Style, Take off, Mime, Affect, Blow, Engineer, Appear, Play a part, Execute, Tactics, Way of life, Perform, Take effect, Component, Measure, Manoeuvre, Exercise, Ape, Operate, Do something, Play the lead, Chaser, Law, Enterprise, Tread the boards, Acts, Go ahead, Finale, Song and dance, Proceeding, Carry, Let on like, Go, Mass-produce, Move, Cause, Ways, Routine, Behave, Divertissement, Condition, Troupe, Alter, Way, Effectuate, Make as if, Presence, Culture pattern, Bit, Undertaking, Expository scene, Stipulation, Behavioral science, Be productive, Behave, Ruling, Judgement, Gammon, Operate, Maneuver, Have free play, Ruling, Be effective, Regulation, Make like, Enterprise, Let on, Bearing, False display, Transform, Profess, Have effect, Comport, Form, Doings, Thing done, Pose as, Take measures, Formality, Thing, Resolution, Production, Portion, Enactment, Come out, Put on, Dictum, Venture, Act, Striptease, Acquit, Sketch, Go on, Behavior pattern, Bill, Copy, Dealings, Turn, Feign, Canon, Deed, Modify, Feat, Statute, Steal the show, Deed, Lawmaking, Perform, Part, Proceed, Move, Prologue, Concurrent resolution, Method, Tone, Emote, Fait accompli, Stand-up comedy act, Manner, Activity, Charade, Masquerade, Exode, Make, Bylaw, Masquerade as, Edict, Formula, Pretend to be, Jus, Passage, Legislature, Enactment, Standing order, Posture, React, Effort, Deportment, Proceed, Procedure, Acting, Subsection, Assume, Workings, Gesture, Rule, Prescript, Mandate, Move, Make believe, Be an actor, Command, Maintien, Bear, Play, Swing, Praxis, Pantomime, Dissimulate, Pretend, Impersonate, Take action, Exodus, Dissemble, Upstage, Achievement, Moves, React, Observable behavior, Mimic, Performance, Have an effect on, Guise, Appear, Be an actress, React, Produce, Works, Affect, Activism, Formulary, Overt act, Handiwork, Function, Enaction, Doing, Act a part, Requirement, Skit, Exploit, Canon, Res gestae, Volume-produce, Perk, Act of Parliament, Personate, Accomplishment, Characterize, Play, Be efficacious, Endeavor, Tick, Modus vivendi, Percolate, Take steps, Practice, Passing, Serve, Pose, Curtain call, Adventure, Fiat, Do, Stunt, Demeanor, Section, Make a move, Carriage, Course, Be in action, Make a pretense, Ordinance, Influence, Measure, Impact on, Statute, Movements, Operation, Rubric, Show, Stunt, Play a part, Actions, Bluff

How to use Act in a sentence?

  1. Criminal act
  2. It is not enough for an individual to speak in his own various forms of the sectarianism of equestrian society, but everyone must act accordingly.
  3. He made his professional debut at the age of six.
  4. They chased the man who was acting suspiciously.
  5. Bacteria process proteins and sugars.
  6. First round.
  7. He is always funny and laughs.
  8. Victoria knew about the horrific process of expelling Georgia from a Florida holiday party, but she never chose to text or email her about the trip.
  9. Criminals know that their actions will result in a minimum of life imprisonment, if not death.
  10. The work of abolishing slavery.
  11. They need volunteers to work as foster parents.
  12. He called on Washington to do the same.

Meaning of Act & Act Definition