Why are so many people crossing? 3

Example: Hey, where did Jade go? Oh, he crossed the road.

It is called rudeness and it is the result of negligence or rudeness.

It never was.

You use two different tempos.

Cruise is a function of the past.

Crossing is the function of the present tense.

travers is a verb He crossed the river. (WENT is a verb. Across a verb that provides additional information about the action: movement across the river).

Crusade is not a word.

Acrost is an alternative / split spell of this particular melopropism.

This particular form is very common in South American dialects.

To cross

Hahaha that's weird. I've never heard of it before. I said crucified, but I can only imagine other people saying crucified because of your accent!



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Why are so many people crossing?

Example: Hey, where did Jade go? Oh, he crossed the road.

seybasteen is not like cyan. Sian is fine. My fianc is called Sian. I like that name, but not because it's my fianc's name. It's a big, rarely used and beautiful name. I also think Seian is better than Séien.

It's not from the south. I mostly hear this when I talk to people in the Midwest. I've heard from executives and other highly educated people, so it has to be regional. On the other hand, we say that they have no education.

Most likely there is not enough reading or education.



Go ahead

I came from the south and I didn't hear that sentence there. I've heard it a few times on the Upper Midwest Podcasts.

I said cross. So good