Across the board

Across the board,

Definition of Across the board:

  1. Securities trading: Stockmarket movement that affects all or most stocks in the same manner.

  2. Broadcasting: Radio or television program scheduled to be aired for all weekdays, at the same time and on the same station.

  3. If you hear in the financial media that the stock market is up across the board, it means that most of the stocks in the market are up on that day's trading. The term comes from the NYSE big board, a large board on which stock prices were once written; when the majority of prices were up or down, the movement was shown across.

  4. Across the board is a term that refers to market-wide directional movement, or a market condition in which most stocks and sectors are moving in the same direction. These movements are usually caused by market-wide events. The idiom has also come to refer to improved (or decreased) economic performance across all metrics for a particular company's stock, or across a certain portion of a nationa.

  5. (in horse racing) denoting a bet in which equal amounts are staked on the same horse to win, place, or show in a race.

  6. General: Action or decision that affects everyone (more or less the same way) within a particular geographical area, market, or organization.

  7. Applying to all.

Synonyms of Across the board

Across-the-board, All, All put together, All-comprehensive, All-inclusive, Altogether, As a body, As a whole, At large, Blanket, Bodily, Collectively, Compendious, Complete, Comprehensive, Corporately, En bloc, En masse, Encyclopedic, Entirely, Global, In a body, In all, In all respects, In bulk, In its entirety, In the aggregate, In the gross, In the lump, In the mass, In toto, Omnibus, On all counts, Over-all, Panoramic, Sweeping, Synoptic, Total, Totally, Tout ensemble, Universal, Whole, Wholly, Without exception, Without omission

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