Acquit, Acquittal

Acquit, Acquittal,

What is The Meaning of Acquit, Acquittal?

A case of innocence by a judge or jury.

Literal Meanings of Acquit, Acquittal


Meanings of Acquit:
  1. Release (someone) from criminal charges with a criminal verdict.

  2. Work directly or in a particular way.

Sentences of Acquit
  1. Free from all charges

  2. The guard did well

Synonyms of Acquit

spare, perform, exonerate, conduct oneself, exculpate, behave, emancipate, free, absolve, find innocent, comport oneself, deliver, set free, pronounce not guilty, release, bear oneself, act, clear, deport oneself, liberate, dismiss, discharge


Meanings of Acquittal:
  1. A decision or verdict that a person is innocent of the crime against which he is accused.

Sentences of Acquittal
  1. The process results in release.

Synonyms of Acquittal

freeing, liberation, deliverance, release, declaration of innocence, let-off, exculpation, clearing, letting off, discharge, vindication, absolution, exoneration