Definition of Acquisition:

  1. Most of the time, we hear about the acquisition of big, well-known companies because big, meaningful businesses dominate the news. In fact, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are more common in small and medium-sized companies than in large ones.

  2. Take control of the company by buying 51% (or more) of the voting shares.

  3. Buy assets by buying them.

  4. Study or develop a skill, habit, or quality.

  5. Items or items that are usually purchased or received from a library or museum.

  6. saved documents.

  7. An acquisition is when a company buys a majority or all of its shares in order to gain control of that company. By acquiring more than 50% of the target company's shares and other assets, the acquirer can make decisions about newly acquired assets without the consent of the company's shareholders. Very common acquisitions in business life can be rejected with or without the approval of the target company. If approved, there are usually no purchase clauses during the process.

Synonyms of Acquisition

Learning, Claiming, Purchase, Means, Addition, Possessions, Espousal, Finish, Education, Accomplishments, Reception, Assuming, Derivation, Theft, Getting, Belongings, Enlightenment, Admission, Accomplishment, Affectation, Purchase, Accession, Affecting, Asset, Appropriation, Acquirement, Acquisition of knowledge, Acquisition, Store of knowledge, Receiving, Taking away, Acquiring, Acquisitions, Receival, Arrogation, Property, Edification, Receipt, Possession, Increment, Accession, Assumption, Attainment, Obtaining, Assets, Taking on, Achievement, Taking possession, Taking, Gain, Promotion, Liberal education, Object, Sophistication, Assumption, Acceptance, Advocacy, Attainments, Instruction, Procurement, Acquiring, Illumination, Admittance

How to use Acquisition in a sentence?

  1. Gain management skills.
  2. Inheritance is used for new acquisitions.
  3. When a company buys more than 50% shares in a target company, it effectively takes control of that company.
  4. Acquisition occurs when a company buys most or all of its shares in another company.
  5. Jane has bought 31% of Sarah's company, adding to the 20% she bought last year, the acquisition of Jane is complete.
  6. To promote their business, wireless operators have acquired a company whose primary service is cable television.
  7. As he drove home, he stopped at the marina to see his new plane. She is very happy with her last purchase.
  8. Acquisitions are usually friendly, while acquisitions can be hostile. The merger formed a completely new unit of two separate companies.

Meaning of Acquisition & Acquisition Definition