Definition of Acoustics:

  1. Sound-reflecting characteristics of an enclosed space.

  2. Science of production and transmission of sound waves.

Synonyms of Acoustics

Newtonian physics, Acoustical engineer, Acoustician, Aerophysics, Applied physics, Astrophysics, Basic conductor physics, Biophysics, Chemical physics, Cryogenics, Crystallography, Cytophysics, Electron physics, Electronics, Electrophysics, Geophysics, Macrophysics, Mathematical physics, Mechanics, Medicophysics, Microphysics, Natural philosophy, Natural science, Nuclear physics, Optics, Philosophy, Phonics, Physic, Physical chemistry, Physical science, Physicochemistry, Physicomathematics, Physics, Psychophysics, Radiation physics, Radioacoustics, Radionics, Solar physics, Solid-state physics, Statics, Stereophysics, Theoretical physics, Thermodynamics, Zoophysics

Meaning of Acoustics & Acoustics Definition