Definition of ACORN:

  1. A Classification Of Residential Neighborhoods. Directory that groups the UK residential areas into 39 types, (and the US residential areas into 36 types) according to age, composition, facilities, household size, income, marital status, mode of travel to work, occupation, ownership of car, ownership of home, etc. Its based on the concept that areas with similar demographic and social characteristics tend to share common life styles and patterns of buying behavior. Designed mainly for marketing and promotional campaigns by the UK researcher Richard Webber, and first published in 1977.

  2. The fruit of the oak tree, a smooth oval nut in a rough cup-shaped base.

How to use ACORN in a sentence?

  1. Collect interesting bits of natural objects, such as bark, leaves, conkers and acorns to label and display at home.
  2. Knowing how to properly adjust your business to the nearest acorn to you can help to get more profits from your home base.
  3. ACORN was useful in mapping and planning out the area in the region to be excavated by the construction company.
  4. I had an acorn sitting by the window, but a squirrel came by and stole it from me and took it back to his tree.

Meaning of ACORN & ACORN Definition