Acompanhamento Para Lasanha

Acompanhamento Para Lasanha

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Invite some friends to my house for chicken and sesame. Or maybe they just want Bose de Forfo and me for side dishes as well as rice and salt tips. Delivery consists of two, banana pow and jelly cream (Mycelium, LOL)

Kisses, and thanks for the help.

Usually our q hard peas, lasana dishes like ... rice and salad .... make snacks and whatever is good or good for thorns make us hungry or eat them before making them. Make a crepe lettuce. Salad with salami bread, black and green olives, cherry tomatoes, dates and mushrooms You can put bacon in whiskey cans and I also add salted or unsalted rice ...

Good rating

Or a little lasagna made with meat nectar or the limit of your options, Simoni. As a sweet or tasty starter, always. Or rice is not very good with lasagna, but it always goes on.

But it occurred to me, now, that an option or a very cool one should be with you. A dish that is very fast (less than 5 minutes, if you stay away from your home until the ■■■■■■■) and is perfect for a side or main dish.

Ingredients: Cut one or two onions in half, one a must-have dent (for flavor), two canned ones including millet seeds, chopped or sliced ​​mozzarella (in IAS, over-chopped or halved or plate Sliced, cherry tomatoes (flavored) and arugula (flavored)

Put half a slice of onion and half a ground in a large frying pan. To make the beef a little more transparent, add 2,000 cans of beans (combined with any dish based on raw meat) and fry slowly (takes a maximum of minutes) and sprinkle with a pinch of salt. Drop or shoot and spread a thousand on Travisa.

Because this is the same frying pan that was used before and without washing (or the aroma of a thousand, necessary for the delicate parts of the dish), soot or the rest of the bait and so on, also fade, so keep the bait almost transparent, insert Do it, step back and give it a radish, no more or let it wither too much, yes the one sitting in the frying pan. Quickly place on top of the mozzarella and mix well, adding the mixed seeds of ricomola and mozzarella.

Play with cherry tomatoes cut into one or five year pieces and let all the flavors come together for an hour or a few minutes. Before our salt nest in Prato Sector, check that the mozzarella is salty. Be careful not to overdo it!

Put this mozzarella re-meal in a serving dish and serve immediately.

The process is great, but good, back to some kind of denial, at the table presented, in front of two guests and after the salty logo. Delicious Fragrance Mix © Mix peas or cherry tomatoes and sprouted bones, but do not eat active mozzarella and twice-braised food.

Excellent Optics, Simone: Green (from Rocula), Yellow (from Mill and Cheese) in Gola Tin and Red (from Cherry Tomato).

Suggested complements: Cold freshened wine that does not need to be expensive to deliver. I recommend the Lambroscos della Amelia line, which you can find in a bottle for R $ 14 to 15.00.

And don't forget: whenever you want to serve wine, pour two glasses for each guest and provide very fresh water. Labels and common sense indicate that people consume equal amounts of alcohol and water to avoid the accumulation of alcohol and to prepare or serve two dishes.

A perfect hook for you and your guests, friends!



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Do not use rice as lasagna. I don't agree with Ma. A good salt. Or arrogant, but determined. Eye I can eat salad, leaves, tomatoes, quail eggs, millet, peas, cucumber, raw and chopped carrots with rolls in garnish and put wherever I want.

Lasgana, in Sal, 3 unique dishes. With salted vegetables, not necessarily. In Italy, admission to Lasanhaàto. Lasgana is followed by meat, risotto and the like. Not here.

The difference between dry red (not green, dry) is possible, not the weather, or alcohol, including soda. Transfer fruit or ice cream.

Leave me alone or take a sip of parmesan; or bought in a drink and not cut in one day, for all those fools who insist on drowning me in parmesan.

Acompanhamento Para Lasanha