What is The Meaning of Acknowledgment?

  1. (1) Declaration of responsibility. ()) A brief statement at the end of a legal article stating that the article has been signed and acknowledged.

  2. Acknowledgment means: An official statement before a competent official, such as a notary, by a person who signs the document and confirms that the signatures are genuine. In addition, the device has an agent's certificate, indicating that the document has been recognized. (Definition of State Risk Management Secretariat)

Meanings of Acknowledgment

  1. Acceptance of the truth or existence of something.

  2. Expressing gratitude or expressing gratitude for something.

  3. Action shows that you are paying attention to one thing or another.

  4. A letter confirming receipt of a letter.

  5. Obtaining a payment to a third party through the author or publisher, which is usually printed at the beginning of the book.

Sentences of Acknowledgment

  1. There was no sign of family trauma

  2. Received an award for his work

  3. He touched his hat in greeting

  4. I received confirmation of my registration.

  5. Reproduction on page 50 is not mentioned in the notice

Synonyms of Acknowledgment

saluting, regard, welcome, hailing, cognizance, address, gratitude, commendation, allowing, reaction, recognition, acceptance, hello, knowledge, greeting, concession, answer, appreciation, realization, admission, hallo, salutation, response, awareness, reply, granting, respect