Acid test

Acid test,

Definition of Acid test:

  1. Most stringent test of the reliability. So called because since ancient times acid is applied to assess the purity of a piece of gold (pure gold is unaffected by dilute acids).

  2. A conclusive test of the success or value of something.

Synonyms of Acid test

Assay, Blank determination, Brouillon, Criterion, Crucial test, Crucible, Determination, Docimasy, Essay, Feeling out, First draft, Kiteflying, Ordeal, Probation, Proof, Rough draft, Rough sketch, Sounding out, Standard, Test, Test case, Touchstone, Trial, Try, Verification

How to use Acid test in a sentence?

  1. The pact with the rebels is an acid test of the governments sincerity.

Meaning of Acid test & Acid test Definition