Aci Verify

Aci Verify

How do I get my ACI test results?

| You can also download the ACI certification review application to review ACI certifications.

How long will it take to receive my exam results?

You can expect test results within 2-4 weeks of testing.

How long does it take to get the ACI test results?

2-4 weeksHow much does the ACI certification cost in addition to the above?

The cost to attend the American Concrete Institute (ACI) is between 150 and 750, depending on the qualification, with a median of $ 400.

How can the ACI certification be verified in this sense?

Confirm a certification by entering the certification ID, searching by name or counting the number of certified people in a territory. New one! Download the ACI Certification Verification App to quickly and easily check the status of ACI certified individuals.

What is an ACI inspector?

A dedicated concrete structure inspector is a person qualified to inspect and record the results of concrete structure inspections against the regulations and work specifications. The program includes an exam during preparation, secondary work and follow-up.

What is the ACI Trade Certificate?

The ACI Dealing Certificate is a foundation program that allows applicants to have a practical understanding of the structure and functioning of major money and money markets, the application of basic mathematics, commodities (cash, futures and derivatives) and the basic skills used in those markets to purchase

How do I review my certifications?

How to View Current User Certificates

How Much Do Specific Testers Earn?

According to Salary Expert, a national payroll site, the national median income for concrete testers is 40,968 per year, or 19.70 per hour (as of 2013). On the website, concrete average salary tests for 10 randomly selected areas are discussed.

How much does a concrete tester make?

The average salary as a concrete tester is 19.00 per hour. The average salary for a concrete inspector is 40,695 per year.

What is ACI?

Basically, ACI is a data center network. More precisely, it is a data center substance, i.e. it uses a blade and plug topology, which offers many advantages and is managed by a central controller (3 5 APIC controller).

What does a concrete tester do?

Concrete inspectors examine and evaluate construction sites to make sure the materials are strong enough to withstand concrete. They also examine and test sections of concrete to ensure that the composition meets construction specifications and industry standards.

What is ACI in construction?

The Association of Building Inspectors (ACI) is a first-rate professional organization for those involved in construction supervision, project management and consulting.

What does a concrete technician do?

Technician performs concrete and soil analyzes at various locations, including plants and refineries. You’ll use your building materials testing skills by performing field and laboratory tests on soil and concrete.

What is certified concrete?

What is BSI Certified Concrete?

This means that our concrete complies with British standards EN 206-1 and 8500 (parts 1 and 2) and our quality management system complies with EN ISO 9001.

What is the American Certification Institute?

ACI, The American Certification Institute, is a leading professional certification institution known in the United States and around the world. It was founded in the United States in 1999. ACI is affiliated with the IPSCMI, International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute.

What does ACI mean?

ACI How Much Do Test Technicians Earn?

The median salary for a test technician in the United States is $ 16.68 per hour.

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