Ach Vacp Treas 310

Ach Vacp Treas 310

Have I directly credited VACP TREAS 310 VA BEFEF112017 RED * 48 * VA DEPENDENT to my checking account? 3


My husband was a veteran of the Vietnam Navy and passed away on 02/2017. Is it a recurring (monthly / annual) payment or a one-way payment? And does anyone know who it is for? I see money for clothes, money for education. None of this is consistent with my husband's involvement.

If you have any questions, please contact your bank and ask. Just don't spend anything or you may run into serious financial problems.

Go to Google and enter it.

Make a VACP TREAS 310 GO BEFEF112017 ROT * 48 * GO DEPENDENT deposit immediately and see what benefits you get.

It is credited directly to my account, can I use it immediately?

Ach Vacp Treas 310