Definition of Accurate:

  1. (Information, measurements, statistics, etc.) in the correct details.

  2. (Refers to a weapon, missile or shot) capable of hitting or hitting successfully.

  3. Accurate or true, or in accordance with objective standards established through diligent or careful care. The measurement or statement is accurate if checked for accuracy. Absolutely.

Synonyms of Accurate

Errorless, All right, Differential, Discriminate, Sensitive, Dependable, Tactful, On the mark, Just, Meticulous, Exact, Perfect, Rigorous, Faultless, Finicky, Demanding, Detailed, Unambiguous, Correct, Careful, Okay, Discriminative, Straight-up-and-down, Unerring, Critical, Fine, Refined, Attentive, Selective, Clear-cut, OK, Sure, Dead right, Unerring, Distinguishing, Deadly, Exigent, Conscientious, On the mark, Word for word, Minute, Exact, Letter-perfect, Rigid, Explicit, Flawless, Precise, Nice, Valid, Punctilious, Careful, Precise, Strict, Delicate, Absolute, Without error, Particular, Finicking, Precisianistic, Right, Correct, Painstaking, Just right, Well aimed, Exquisite, Scrutinizing, Lethal, Distinctive, Fastidious, Precisionistic, Reliable, Punctual, Narrow, Precise, On target, Fussy, Close, Proper, Meticulous, Right, Religious, Detailed, Canonical, Appreciative, Subtle, True, Straight, Faultless, Error-free, Precision, Minute, Specific, Finical, Meticulous, Authentic, Scrupulous, Discriminating, Authoritative, Exacting, Reliable, Perfect

How to use Accurate in a sentence?

  1. I visited the Major League Baseball website and saw that the statistics were up-to-date and accurate.
  2. The neighbor said he was at home during the shooting because he was in Lake Tahoe that night.
  3. When writing a newspaper article or a non-fiction article, it is important that the data you use and the sources you cite are accurate.
  4. Reliable and accurate rifle
  5. Accurate information about the disease is important.

Meaning of Accurate & Accurate Definition

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