Accumulated Stocks Clause

Accumulated Stocks Clause,

What is The Definition of Accumulated Stocks Clause?

  1. This refers to the use of inventory of stored goods when the activities of companies are affected by fire etc.

Literal Meanings of Accumulated Stocks Clause


Meanings of Accumulated:
  1. Add or receive quantities or quantitative increases.

Sentences of Accumulated
  1. The researchers did not gather enough evidence

Synonyms of Accumulated

collect, gather, assemble


Meanings of Stocks:
  1. Own or maintain stock available for sale (some products or types or products).

  2. Mount with stock (rifle or other firearm).

  3. Goods or equipment that is stored in a store or warehouse and available for sale or distribution

  4. Capital raised by a company or corporation through the issuance of shares and investment.

  5. A liquid that is slowly absorbed into the water from cooking bones, meat, fish or vegetables and is used as a base for making soups, sauces or sauces.

  6. A person's lineage or lineage.

  7. The trunks or trunks of living trees or shrubs, especially the box into which the box is inserted.

  8. European herbaceous plants are cultivated for their purple, pink or white fragrant flowers.

  9. Punishment device made of wooden frames with holes to protect legs and arms, where criminals were tied up and satire or public attack was revealed.

  10. Rifle or other firearm of the part whose barrel and firing mechanism are attached to the shoulder during firing.

  11. A piece of white cloth that is tied like a tie and worn as part of a formal equestrian dress.

  12. A structure that kept the boat or ark out of the water, especially during construction.

  13. (Any product or product type) is usually stored and therefore regularly available for sale.

  14. (Idiom or phrase) is used so often that it becomes automatic or useless.

Sentences of Stocks
  1. Most supermarkets now sell a variety of organic products.

  2. It was a beautiful weapon that he forged, kept and completed

  3. There is very little inventory business in the store

  4. Between 1982 and 1986, the value of the company's shares increased by 86%

  5. Half a liter of chicken stock

  6. His mother is of French descent

  7. Many modern roses on the market today are printed on this stamp.

  8. To prolong the flowering of pansies, broths, alders, dandelions and other cold weather plants, cut the flowers as soon as they are cut.

  9. A person's detention is a prison, whether in a shared prison or in a private home, or in a camp, or even on a public street.

  10. He smashed his rifle where his stock collided with a barrel, and both feet of Nile's right foot fell to the ground floor.

Synonyms of Stocks

traditional, overused, stereotyped, trite, helve, conventional, stem, lineage, line, overworked, stalk, origin, broth, beginnings, butt, shank, blood, well worn, formulaic, capital, goods, bloodline, commonplace


Meanings of Clause:
  1. The grammatical organizational unit, which is located directly below the sentence in the line, must include an essay and a preposition in traditional grammar.

  2. Articles, terms or conditions are specific and separate from an agreement, bill or agreement.

Sentences of Clause
  1. In each of the above sentences, the two sentences are connected by a series of sentences without a sentence.

  2. Agreements usually contain a provision of an electoral law that determines the applicable law.

Synonyms of Clause

word group, section, locution, wording, construction, phrasal verb, term, group of words, paragraph, heading, clause, expression, idiom, set phrase, item, passage, point, subsection, turn of phrase, part