Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income

Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income,

How Do You Define Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income?

  1. Other composite results (OCIs) include unrealistic gains and losses that are stated in the equity area on the balance sheet and deducted from the retained earnings. Other consolidated income may include certain types of investments, pension plans, and losses and losses from hedge transactions. Excluded from net income because profit and loss have not been realized. Investors who review the company's balance sheet can use the OCI account as a barometer of risk or risk in a net profit transaction.

    • Other composite earnings (OCI) include unrealistic gains and losses that are reported in the equity area of ​​the balance sheet.
    • Immovable gain or loss occurs when an asset, pension plan or hedge is increased or decreased at a reasonable price, but there is no sale transaction to realize that gain or loss.
    • In some cases, other comprehensive income is recorded on the balance sheet to remind consumers of financial statements about potential gains or losses that will be found in the profit and loss account at a later date.

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