Accumulated fund

Accumulated fund,

Definition of Accumulated fund:

  1. An accumulated fund is the capital fund of a nonprofit organization. Money is directed into the accumulated fund when revenues are greater than expenditures and there is a budgetary surplus. Money is directed away from the accumulated fund (withdrawn) when expenditures are greater than revenues and there is a budgetary deficit. The term accumulated fund can also be used as a generic term to describe any fund that accumulates money over time for a particular purpose, although it is most commonly used in conjunction with a nonprofit organization.

  2. Nonprofit organizations, such as clubs, societies and charities, have capital accounts known as accumulated funds. Accumulated funds include money that is set aside for the purchase of capital or fixed assets, including real property and certain equipment. The fund can also be used for the purpose of providing liquidity in times of budgetary deficits.

  3. Capital fund of a non-profit organization, such as an association, charity, or club. Surpluses of income over expenditure are added to this fund, and deficits are withdrawn.

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