Definition of Acculturation:

  1. Socialization process through which new employees learn, adjust to, and internalize the corporate culture. Progressive organizations allow for sufficient acculturation time and help newcomers through orientation sessions and by facilitating learning.

  2. Assimilation to a different culture, typically the dominant one.

Synonyms of Acculturation

Americanization, Admission, Adoption, Affiliation, Assimilation, Citizenship by naturalization, Citizenship papers, Civility, Civilization, Complex, Cultivation, Cultural drift, Culture, Culture area, Culture center, Culture complex, Culture conflict, Culture contact, Culture pattern, Culture shock, Culture trait, Education, Enculturation, Enlightenment, Ethos, Folkways, Key trait, Mores, Nationalization, Naturalization, Naturalized citizenship, Papers, Polish, Refinement, Socialization, Society, Trait, Trait-complex

How to use Acculturation in a sentence?

  1. Newer employees are expected to go through a probationary period of acculturation so they can become more familiar with company procedures and expectations to be better workers.
  2. When the worker went from being a Walmart greeter to a bank executive, the process of acculturation was rather extensive as the corporate culture was completely different.
  3. All new employees must go through our acculturation process before they are fully hired, unless they have previous business experience.

Meaning of Acculturation & Acculturation Definition