Definition of Accrue:

  1. When something financial accrues, it essentially builds up to be paid or received in a future period. Both assets and liabilities can accrue over time. The term accrue, when related to finance, is synonymous with an "accrual" under the accounting method outlined by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). An accrual is an accounting adjustment used to track and record revenues that have been earned but not received, or expenses that have been incurred but not paid. Think of accrued entries as the opposite of unearned entries; the corresponding financial event has already taken place but payment has not yet been made or received.

  2. Accumulate or increase, gradually but steadily, over time.

  3. (of sums of money or benefits) be received by someone in regular or increasing amounts over time.

  4. To accrue means to accumulate over time, and is most commonly used when referring to the interest, income, or expenses of an individual or business. Interest in a savings account, for example, accrues so that over time, the total amount in that account grows. The term accrue is often related to the concepts of accrual accounting, which has become the standard accounting practice for most companies.

Synonyms of Accrue

Result, Arise, Follow, Ensue, Emanate, Stem, Spring, Flow, Accrue from, Accrue to, Accumulate, Advance, Appreciate, Arise from, Balloon, Be contingent on, Be due to, Be received, Bloat, Boom, Breed, Broaden, Bud from, Come from, Come in, Come out of, Come to hand, Crescendo, Depend on, Derive from, Descend from, Develop, Emanate from, Emerge from, Ensue from, Fall due, Fall to one, Flow from, Follow from, Gain, Gain strength, Germinate from, Get ahead, Go up, Grow, Grow from, Grow out of, Hang on, Hinge on, Increase, Intensify, Issue from, Mature, Mount, Multiply, Originate in, Proceed from, Proliferate, Rise, Run up, Shoot up, Snowball, Spread, Spring from, Sprout from, Stem from, Strengthen, Swell, Turn on, Wax, Widen

How to use Accrue in a sentence?

  1. Many employers offer benefits packages that include paid leave that is allowed to accrue over time so that longer periods of time off can be taken at once.
  2. As far as I know, if I dont make withdrawals from my account, while I earn a paycheck from week to week, the balance should accrue .
  3. Financial benefits will accrue from restructuring.
  4. If you are able to accrue a large amount of money, you may not have to work your entire life.

Meaning of Accrue & Accrue Definition