Accrual Basis

Accrual Basis,

How To Define Accrual Basis?

You can define Accrual Basis as, Accurate accounting (or accrual accounting) is an accounting method used to record income when they are actually earned and expenses when they really are. Accrual (or accrual) accounting is a very common method used by large companies to record and manage financial transactions.

An accounting method that recognizes INCME when it is earned when it is not charged. Expenses are recognized when expenses occur and when they are not paid.

Literal Meanings of Accrual Basis


Meanings of Accrual:
  1. Accumulation or increase of something over time, especially payment or benefit.

Sentences of Accrual
  1. All loans should be frozen without further interest


Meanings of Basis:
  1. Support or justify an idea, argument or action.

Sentences of Basis
  1. Trust is the only basis for good cooperation

Synonyms of Basis

root, basis, source, heart, origin, foundation, cause, kernel, centre, base, starting point, core