Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS)

Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS),

How Do You Define Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS)?

You can define Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS) as, Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS) is a professional degree from the College of Financial Planning that successfully completes financial professionals who successfully complete self-study, exams, and ethics. Are bound by the Code of Conduct.

  • The "Accredited Asset Management Specialist" (AAMS) professional degree is the industry standard for asset management records and is endorsed by leading financial companies.
  • To achieve AAMS®, ​​financial professionals must successfully complete a rigorous self-study program, pass exams, and adhere to a Code of Ethics.
  • To maintain their position, AMS holders must complete 16 hours of training every two years and pay a wal 95 renewal fee.

Literal Meanings of Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS)


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